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Arrow my Sparrow [12 May 2010|09:46pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

So, this crippled nestling i picked up out of the road Sunday morning is still alive and doing super well, and i don't think he's going anywhere. SO high maintenance, but i am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS STUPID BABY BIRD. so fluffy, chirpy and lovey.

god, modern family is so funny.

Anyway, now that i've woken up on the hour every night for the past four nights, I guess he has gotten fat & strong enough to pull through the tough stuff. Now he just needs to learn how to eat on his own and fly, and use his one good leg. It's so pitiful and touching watching this little fluffball not be able to walk or fly but wants to sit on our shoulders so bad! and he still climbs up there somehow. he's the most affectionate bird i've ever met. Good, bc i spent a lot of time with the imprinting.

Sean must have told me ten times we didn't need a 'freakin bird' flying around the apartment. Haha! He's so funny! and just as attatched/invested as i am.

Go ahead, lecture me about letting mother nature take it's course, or how he will obviously never be able to be rehabilitated and let back into the wild, or how it's cruel to keep a wild bird in a cage. WELL, the lady at wild birds unlimited gave me a crap ton of mealworms today at half-off for my good deed. That makes me feel better. Plus my parents paid our power bill! Which I don't think had to do with the bird, just good karma, maybe. :) Plus i am so invested in this little guy. Like, anxious when i'm at school. waiting on him hand and foot. being the best mamma bird i can be. If anything happens to him, I'm screwed. Wish us luck!

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DEAR MY FRIENDS COMMA: [30 Apr 2010|08:45pm]
[ mood | content ]

I know it's been a while. Things have been going fine. Blahhh!

But really though. As it turns out, i am pretty good at hair and cosmetology in general. Wait. Pretty DAMN GOOD. The only thing I feel I don't excell at is clipper cuts. Especially on bald ol' men! Cuts with shears grow out better anyway, and i figure if you wanna rip men off just as much as women in this industry, take your sweet time, and use your shears, plus a little showiness. My seating arrangements have improved in my house, I mean that super literally. Um.. oh yeah, my birthday's next wednesday and my Ma gave me some money to spay the goddamn whorecat i have. You know I'm not talking about Jethro. Aaaaand.... Yup that's about it. Damn. oh yeah, i quit drinking beer for two weeks yesterday and i've already lost at least five pounds. It's disgusting that I drink that much. I fixed my tail-light. And we got the internet last saturday!

Love, Erin.

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Dear Alicia, [20 Dec 2009|05:59pm]
I just left you a voicemail on my walk into town saying that I'd write you an email since my phone was about to die. Forgot you didn't have myspace, so I'll make in into a post, so EVERYONE can know about what's been going on, two birds with one stone, hooray!

Dear Alicia,Collapse )
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hello!! [26 Nov 2009|11:03am]
Hello my friends!! It's been a long time. I shoulda looked at my last entry to see what I was doing then. Anyway, everything's going well. I've been going to cosmetology school for a few months now. I quit my job at Ed's finally!! It felt great! And I am officially in the school's salon at this point. Come in, I can do whatever you want! Apartment's great, Sean's great, and we have this new kitten, Sophie, ugh. She was born at Trick's house and they gave her to me. Right now I'm in Raleigh visiting the fam for teegivin. Always nice. Damn I love turkey.

Well anyway, I guess I've just been obsessing over hair & mannequins lately, which is WAIT I gg bye
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[11 Oct 2009|03:47pm]
school is going swell, the restaurant is slow, and my apartment is immaculate.

i was just like 'how do you spell restaurant?' and my boss was like 'you're fired.'
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[08 Jun 2009|11:07am]
It was a tight tour night, streets so bright.
The world was so thin and between my bones and skin.
There stood another person
Who was a little surprised
To be face to face with a world so alive!
How I fell...




I fell right into the aaaaaaaaaarms of VENUS DE MILO!
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favorite two tees [14 May 2009|12:43pm]
[ mood | busy ]

mostly sewingCollapse )

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[19 Jan 2009|01:40pm]
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[29 Mar 2008|09:49pm]
Well, seeing Ryan's fam was good today, even though it's always really hard to see the family of someone who just died. I guess it was different than going to Dean's house afterwards, because i've known them for such a long time and i'm always so excited to see them and i never thought i'd have to go there for that reason. It felt better to see karen and stephen, instead of when i saw dean's parents and i just felt so horrible for them. I love the rattrays and I love Nan, and afterwards me and my mom looked at pictures from when we were really little playing super nintendo with danny and allen and swim-team trophies, and stuff like that. When I first moved to canada, Ryan had written me a letter with a picture of him glued to it, and my mom found it in my room today and she said she's going to make copies of it. I had it on my bulletin board for like ten years, he was probably like seven, so that was cute.

once like three years ago when he first started getting really depressed i wrote him this really long letter about how much i looked up to him when we were little and how he was always going to be a really special person to me. We moved so much when i was little he's really the only kid i have a lot of good memories with, like when i pooped my pants at the pool and he didn't make fun of me, when we were riding in the back of the volvo and karen hit the rabbit and we had to watch it for the rest of the way down the road, swim team and the pool, lots of nintendo, lots of playing in the woods, teaching me how to do draw 8s pretty, me teaching him how to jump rope, up until tutoring me in geometry in highschool and partying some together in college. I'm glad I got that letter in even though i felt cheesy and stupid as hell at the time, now I'm especially glad i spilled my guts.
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